UV Light and Ultraviolet Curing Troubleshooting

UV Problems

No matter what type of UV cure system you have, big or small it seems everyone runs into the same types of problems or has the same questions.

UV curing systems may seem daunting but they all contain the same basic parts whether they are electronic, magnetic, LED or microwave type. They will all have UV lamps, power supply, UV reflectors of some sort and means of cooling, blower or fans.

Get UV lamps online and UVC sterilizer bulbs

Get UV lamps online and UVC sterilizer bulbs

All of these have their own unique part to play in the running of your system and all have their own unique set of issues and potential problems to be aware of. I will tell you this, 99% of the time it is something simple… We have found over the years of building our own and trouble shooting other manufacturer’s systems that very rarely is it something catastrophic but more often than not it’s something simple being overlooked. About every 600-1000 hours the curing bulbs must be changed out, where-as UV-C germicidal bulbs typically last on average 9000 hours. With CureUV’s easy UV lamp finder, it helps you find both UV cure lamps and UVC germicidal/sterilizer light bulbs.

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